Five Things | 8/14/17


ONE  |  Sriracha Documentary

This idea would be perfect for an at-home date night or a little get-together with friends (bonus points if you have a hot sauce themed menu!) This came up on a list I was reading the other week of food documentaries you should watch.  Available on Amazon Prime, Josh and I pulled it up and both loved it!  I’ve always been a Sriracha fan, but it was fun to see how it became a trend and what a high quality product it really is.  Sriracha Lime Popcorn would be the perfect thing for snacking while viewing!  (Photo from here – this also looks like a few good recipes.)


TWO  |  Crushed Ice and Foam Cups

Survival of a Southern summer.  Considering that my AC has been out all weekend and is currently getting worked on, it was 86 degrees ALL NIGHT LONG, consider this my best advice for August in the deep south.  Last summer, when I was pregnant with HMW and barely functioning due to (what I am convinced was) undiagnosed Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I would eat cups and cups of crushed ice from Zaxby’s, Chick-fil-a and a myriad of other fine southern dining establishments.  The combination with the foam cup is like nothing else.  Perfection!  Someday I dream of having two ridiculously fancy upgrades in my kitchen, a pellet ice machine and a sparkling water tap.  Go ahead and judge me.  I’ll just be over here with my monogrammed foam cups!


THREE  |  Dr. Teal’s Soothe & Sleep Lavender Bath

This combination bubble bath and shower gel is my current favorite.  With 24/7 caring for Little Hugo and frequent breastfeeding, I carry all of my stress in my shoulders causing muscle aches AND, every mom to ever come before me, I have a hard time winding down.  Josh is really sweet to make me chill out most nights and enjoy a bubble bath and actually read through a magazine.  I also use it every time I shower because I love the smell!

FOUR  |  NYX Butter Gloss

  1. I was on a brief hunt this summer for a popsicle-y lip stain color, but after several attempts I gave up.  My sister Brooke mentioned she’d bought these after a blogger recommendation so I got myself over to Target and bought the Vanilla Cream Pie (mauve pink) and Creme Brûlée (nude-ish pink).  They’re under $5 each and have a light glossy finish and soft color, no smudging!  Target has a buy one get one 50% off deal right now, so go ahead and get yourself a few different colors.  YES! MA’AM! THEY ARE THAT GOOD!


FIVE  |  Wild Caught Fish Sandwich

I apologize in advance for posting such an unappetizing photo of this great product.  I bought a package of 12 burgers last time I was at Costco to try and have been so impressed.  They make such a delicious quick lunch or after-workout dinner.  You can grill, use a skillet or (I just discovered) pop them in the oven!  I’ve served them in a lettuce wrap with Sriracha mayo and as a healthy-ish “filet-o-fish” on a gluten free bun I also recommend topping them with a little slaw!


| Five Things |

Just a few items of note:

1.  Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

Oh my gracious!  I made this for Fathers Day when we hosted the Walsh side for the holiday.  I sent options to Pops and Josh and told them to vote, Josh claims all the boys in his family have the same taste buds, which is 100% true because they both choose this.  It couldn’t have been easier to make, I baked it up right before everyone walked in the door, it held for an hour or two and then I served with vanilla ice cream.  (Since I’m a gluten free baker, I used Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 flour mix, the texture was perfect and everyone raved!)  Also, this reminds me of the Great British Baking show on Netflix, which I just started watching, because they were baking “self-saucing puds” (say that in your best british accent).  I consider myself a very capable and comfortable cook, but after seeing this show, I’m like “Years of academy training wasted”.  Apparently, I know nothing.


2.  LOFT Chambray Jumpsuit

I’m not a big shopper.  Honest.  And I’ve been told I have otherworldly self-control.  I never NEED something.  Except this darn jumpsuit. And since its my blog and my poor husband is tired of hearing me rant about it (bless him!), I shall regale the entire story here.  I saw this on Fancy Ashley’s insta-story, it was on sale, I like it, blah blah blah.  I never go to LOFT, since I feel like their fit models are the exact opposite of my body type, but I was near one of the stores the next day and went to try it on.  They only had the medium, which was too big (thank you breastfeeding, I love your calorie burning benefits), and all of the smalls were sold out.  After sleeping on it another day I went from like to LOVE and called all 4 LOFT stores in my town (BHM women love them some Ann Taylor), all sold out.  A week or so later, Ashley posts it again and I click over to see if they re-stocked, and lo and behold, they did!  It’s sitting in my shopping cart and I’m in the middle of checking out when something came up and by the time I had a minute to come back to it, it was gone.  (All I’m saying is that for this run-around, I’d better be seeing this jumpsuit on everyone and their sister).  Fast forward, more days, I check one more time and PRAISE!  It’s in stock!  I place the order and text Josh (he’s like “thank goodness we can stop talking about this now”).  It arrived last week and I’ve worn it a ton, and received lots of compliments.  I love it, it’s light and summery, couldn’t be easier to wear, and everything I want to be.


3.  Chicken Shwarma 

We have an amazing Israeli cafe only a few minutes from us that makes such good food.  I’m not even going to pretend that mine is on par, but I’ve added a quick Chicken Shwarma to our weekly meal rotation.  I use a rough recipe and its never the same twice.  I’ve linked a similar recipe for your reference, but I’m making it for dinner tonight and made a marinade of greek yogurt, limes, this Shwama seasoning and garlic salt (marinate for a few hours and bake in the oven, or grill it!).  You can serve with pita as a sandwich or in a big bowl over lettuce or a rice pilaf.  I do it bowl style (sadly, without pita bread) with rice, tomato salad, pickled onions, cucumbers and hummus.  Whatever you have on hand and floats your boat.  It’s very inauthentic, but it’s easy and delicious and fresh and I love it!


4.  Southern Mama Guide Blog

I love this sweet blog.  I found her on instgram because we live in the same city, but it has been such a fun account to follow.  Great blog, lovely instagram account and she also has a Facebook group that is wonderful.  Just a bunch of southern mamas talking about monogrammed things, pretty nurseries and birthday parties.


5.  Londontown Nail Polish

One of my favorite things in the world is my Good Being Box.  Every month I get a subscription box filled with natural and organic beauty items.  I’ve been a subscriber for about 2 years and have only had a few items that I didnt love.  It’s a really great value for what they include, high quality, and the products have gorgeous packaging.  They’ve sent me two colors from this nail polish brand and I’m very impressed with the staying power (I’d say even better than OPI or essie).  I always have my nails painted and I’m always doing something hands-on, so a polish that doesn’t chip for days is amazing!  The colors are very pretty and I like that it’s a clean-ish formulation.  $16 is on the pricey side for a nail polish, but I pay less than $24 per month for Good Being and they’ve included two full size bottles.