About Me

Once, during a time in which I was very overwhelmed with what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be, I wrote out my goals for the rest of my life.
There were three of them.
I simply wanted to love God, to work hard and to make things beautiful.
They’ve followed me this far.
I’m married to my best friend and the most wonderful person I’ve ever met.  Josh Walsh is a film producer (October Baby, Mom’s Night Out, Woodlawn and I Can Only Imagine) and his job keeps both of us busy.  He’s made all of my dreams come true and life happier than I could ever imagine.  I am the lucky one.
This.  THIS is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made.  Hugo Michael was born in January of 2017 and has forever changed our life for the better.  He is the delight of our hearts and the easiest baby a mama could wish for.  He has his father’s good looks and, according to Josh, his mother’s spirit, but I think that’s a tad too generous.
If I had to pick an expertise, it would be food and planning events.  I’ve loved to be in the kitchen since I was in diapers (see photos above).  My mom claims I’d push a chair up to the counter to see what she was making, from there is was stirring cookie dough and then I was off on my own way!   My first business was selling fancy Christmas cookie boxes to friends.  I was eleven.  Through my teens I envisioned, planned, shopped and catered numerous events for my “hostess with the mostess” parents. That led to organizing corporate events small and large during my job as an executive assistant and in my off-time, coordinating weddings for friends and even styling several wedding themed photo shoots (Orchard Harvest & Breakfast at the Hunt Club).  These bonus projects ended up being an amazing part of my life as a single girl.  I’ve always believed that “opportunity breeds opportunity”,   way to to such things as working as a production assistant for two radio dramas recorded in London (Titus: A Comrade of the Cross and Jessica’s Journey) and volunteering on staff for a creative summer camp in Upstate New York for two consecutive summers.  In recent years, I planned my own wedding in just 10 weeks! I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside my husband on film related & celebrity attended events ranging from private movie screenings to a rally with over ten thousand people.
In all of these things, my three goals have been woven through.
Thank y’all for reading and welcome!

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