Travel | Easy-Peasy, No-Traffic, With Infant, 6-ish Hour, Atlanta Travel Guide!

A few weekends ago we planned a little day trip to the ATL.  While we love all of the fun things to do in Birmingham, we also love the fact that it is such a short drive to other great cities like Nashville, New Orleans, Orange Beach and Atlanta.

And because I’m not too familiar with the city and I know that traffic is always a nightmare (always great conversation starter. Atlanta traffic!), I spent a few hours going plotting out and mapping our day.  It paid off because our day was really well-paced, and that’s not always easy with a nursing baby.  When we made it home at a decent hour and had experience ZERO traffic, I basked in my success!


We left around 9am and drove right to the Atlanta History Center, it’s on the north side of the city and the main road will take you through some gorgeous old neighborhoods full of beautiful southern homes.  Our first destination was Swan House!  It’s a little confusing at first, but you begin at the history center, there’s great parking, stroller accessible with a fun gift shop and cafe attached.  Your ticket includes a Swan House, the grounds and gardens, Margaret Mitchell House (located off site, we didn’t visit this time), a historic farmhouse with animals and very well-designed museum exhibits back at the air-conditioned history center.


2017-07-01 12.21.33

2017-07-01 12.33.12


Swan House was the filming site for several of the Hunger Games movies.  They had set up a special exhibit in one of the upstairs bedrooms with leftover props and the docents were willing to answer tons of questions.  It was a fun bit of trivia!


I’m an old house nut.  I think they’re just full of mystery and romance and I never get enough.  Before moving to the south, I spent 3 summers volunteering at a historic home in Wisconsin, that place became so special to me.  Josh proposed in the tower that overlooks the lake and we went back after our wedding ceremony to have our portraits done.  ALL THE LOVE!!!

The only thing better than a BIG old house are two little houses!  These playhouses were a dream, with bedrooms, kitchens, a wraparound porch and real windows.  How amazing would it be to build one of these someday?!?


The luxurious Buckhead Village is only a few miles from the houses and they just opened a Shake Shack.  OH MY YES!  I love fancy things, but do you know what I really love?  Not-fancy things.  There is nothing better than a simple cheeseburger and fries.  The cheese fries from Shake Shack are so good!  Josh was suspicious the I’d planned our entire trip around this stop, I wouldn’t say “entire” trip, not exactly…

2017-07-01 16.09.41

All good day-trips need a bit of purpose, so we stopped by IKEA to pick up one of these little highchairs that I’ve been hearing rave reviews about.  Best $20 purchase!  HMW loves sitting in it while I’m cooking and throw toys at me.  Haha!  Little boys!


Our final stop was Star Provisions for some coffee and a delicious gluten-free brownie.  I can’t wait to visit again and eat at one of their other restaurants.  I was so impressed with their merchandising and selection of Southern Made products.


And there you have it!  My “Easy-Peasy, No-Traffic, With Infant, 6-ish Hour, Atlanta Travel Guide!” Is it ambitious?  No, not at all.  But it’s doable and laid-back and was perfect for us and little Hugo.


Eats    |    Shake Shack Buckhead, Star Provisions 

Stops    |    Swan House, IKEA Atlanta

Sounds    |    The audiobook version of Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon by Greg Laurie   (Shameless plug: Josh is producing the movie for this book and so by default we’ve both learned tons about the life of SMq. The movie trailer is HERE!


Author: Abbe Walsh

Hey y'all! I live in Birmingham, Alabama with my blue-eyed boys.  The tall, movie producer one and the little fuzzy haired one.  I'm a wife, a mama and a Believer.  Entertaining and making things beautiful are my favorite things. "Welcome!

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