| Hugo Michael |

Well gee, this is a little overdue.

Unlike my baby, who was born three days early.

He’s four months old.  Currently laying next to me while I type.  His little blond head has freshly washed curls, the kind that only last for about an hour after his bath, wearing Easter pajamas with floppy bunny ears on the toes.  How embarrassing.  But hey, we go through a lot of laundry over here and there is approximately 97 pairs of pjs in the wash right now.

My goodness do we love this boy.

Born January 8, 2017.  9 pounds 3oz, 21 inches long.  He is the delight of our hearts and for all the struggle of pregnancy and childbirth, he is the sweetest, most content baby I’ve ever met.  And he’s all mine.

Everyone has asked where we came up with his name, goodness! naming a child is one of the hardest things we’ve ever done!  We found “Hugo” and it fit all of our criteria and grew on us over the months.  It’s German in origin (my heritage about a 50/50 German/Irish mix) and means “Heart, Mind and Soul”, which I loved.  I hope that one day he will know God and we can teach him to love Him with all of his heart, mind and soul.  Victor Hugo is one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait till he’s old enough to discover the timeless stories of Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Josh, being the film buff and movie producer that he is, thought of the movie “Hugo” about the little boy who lives in a clock tower in Paris.  “Michael” was chosen because it is Josh’s middle name, as well as his dad’s middle name and my closest grandfather’s first name.

Hugo is a big name, but he’s growing into it quite nicely and it suits him so very well.

His first four months have been full, he is an “Okie” and was born in Oklahoma City, OK, basically on a film set.  We even took him to the wrap party only a few days after his birth.  In retrospect, that wasn’t my brightest idea, but sister had something to prove to herself.  I just felt that after waddling around set for months, I needed to show off my prize.  He’s visited 10 states already, flew up to Chicago to visit with his Grandchief and Sugar (my parents) and meet his GrandMimi (my Mimi), drove down to Florida to meet his Pops and Mum (Josh’s parents) and had his first trip to the beach last weekend.  We’ve taken him to multiple movies, events (he already has his first red carpet pic!) and on road trips.  He’s our little buddy and so amiable that it’s a pleasure to bring him with us.

Josh is an incredible dad and Hugo adores him.  I had an emergency c-section and from my delirious state in the operating room, I asked Josh to do skin-to-skin with him.  Josh didn’t hesitate and stripped off his shirt to hold his newborn son.  I tease him that he has the “mother imprint” with Hugo.  Haha! I don’t know if that makes any difference, but Hugo loves Josh and nine out of ten times will be comforted by him.  They play all of the time and Hugo gets so excited to see him (he used kick me from the womb when he heard Josh’s voice!), he almost always has beard-rash from Josh smooching on him.  They love to read together, I didn’t think he would be into it until much older, but Hugo is captivated by books.  It’s more precious than I could have imagined.  And Josh’s instagram stories featuring Hugo have become legendary!  Seriously, so hilarious!

And guess who just discovered that he has feet?!?


Author: Abbe Walsh

Hey y'all! I live in Birmingham, Alabama with my blue-eyed boys.  The tall, movie producer one and the little fuzzy haired one.  I'm a wife, a mama and a Believer.  Entertaining and making things beautiful are my favorite things. "Welcome!

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