One Thing | I Can Only Imagine Premiere


Here we are!  Our official red carpet photo from the I Can Only Imagine premiere.

It was an insanely busy few days leading up to and after this event, but my incredible husband, who was also Co-Executive Producer of the film, also produced this event and many more leading up to the release.  His energy is amazing and I loved getting the opportunity to work with him that night.

We were moving so fast that I’m kicking myself now that we didn’t get a full length shot of our look.  I coordinated Josh’s velvet blazer and gingham pocket square to my shoes and clutch (oh my gracious, do I love putting together family/couple outfits).  The whole night was a blur, I swapped my heels for flats after a few hours of standing/walking/running on marble floors, scarfed down some chik-fil-a backstage (I missed all of the food during the pre and after parties), and I met Amy Grant AND Michael W. Smith which was life a lifetime achievement for me!

I Can Only Imagine is heading into its second weekend in theaters, breaking ticket sale records as it goes.  We are so proud of this story and grateful for what God is doing through it.

I Can Only Imagine Facebook

I Can Only Imagine Website and Tickets



Travel | FL, TN & WI oh my!


I’d love another cup of coffee right now to help me through writing this post, but I’m pretty sure that grinding the beans will wake my napping boy, so, there’s that.  We all fight imaginary battles…

With an impending nation-wide film release, we’ve been traveling A TON.  Josh’s job requires him to travel often and while I have my really hard days, I’m slowing learning how to make the best of it.  When the opportunities arise for me to travel (as a family or just with the baby) I try to take them.  I do much better when I’m busy and travel keeps me on my toes.



Josh was scheduled to be away on Valentine’s Day and I was a little heartbroken at the thought.  I mentioned to my mom that I may fly up to Wisconsin for a visit since his trip was supposed to be extra-long and she said “Too bad, we’ll be in Florida that week, you’ll just have to join us there!”.  I did not argue with her!  It meant a shorter flight for us and since my family had already rented a home for the week there was plenty of room for us, we booked it to Marco Island for a relaxing week.  The best part was that Josh had a break and flew down for Valentines Day.  It was a truly magical dinner and we 100% took advantage of the free babysitting by my little sisters!



Our Nashville stay for a few days due to the premiere of “I Can Only Imagine”, but ended up staying a week at the Gaylord Opryland.  My mom flew down for a few days to watch Hugo so that I could attend and not have to worry about him.  Once the event was over, we were able to explore the city and eat some amazing food!  Hugo loved being with his “Sugar”!

I know they’re disgusting, but letting the munchkin get his wiggles out is 100% worth the risk.
Five Daughter’s Bakery in Nashville.  Oh my gosh!  Their 100-Layer donuts are to die for!
Turns out that Hugo loves a room service breakfast just as much as mama does.
BOX Bakery in Nashville for a beautiful, yummy and healthy breakfast.


Release week happened last week and Josh was off to OKC and Dallas, there was no way Hugo and I were going to be able to keep up with his schedule and were going to stay put in Birmingham.  Over the weekend, as we were discussing Easter plans, I got word from my family that both my grandfather and my mimi were having some health complications and things fell quickly into place that we would fly to Wisconsin to support and just be together.

Another day, another germy airport playground…
Every morning, he would wake up and greet the kitty cats at the back door.  That bed head!



So there’s a little recap of our travels.  I’m happy to be home for a bit,  I spent yesterday cleaning and catching up on laundry, today I ran a million errands and put a pot roast in the oven.  These are the little things that make my homebody heart squeeze with happiness.

Thoughts | It’s late/early…

Hi There!

Hugo started saying that recently.  Or at least something that sounds similar.  He is the most extroverted child I have ever met.  He is so friendly, loves to go everywhere with us and has no fear of strangers.  Whenever he meets someone new he’ll say “Hi there” and then try to get their attention with these huge, nose-wrinkling smiles.  It’s pretty precious.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write.  Its a funny thing for me, I love to write, but really, really have to be in right head-space for it.  I guess today that just happens to be at 3:39am on a Sunday morning.  Hugo woke up briefly at 1:15am, I tried to fall back asleep but it was useless, I figured a blog post was a good way to pass the time.  So I made a cup of tea and I’m listening to a heavy rainstorm outside, my sweet husband just got up to check on me and it’s all good.

We had a horrible medical scare with Hugo this week, he had a light fever a few days ago that unexpectedly spiked during his nap and I found him seizing in the bottom of his crib.  I called 911, who arrived within 5 minutes and by then the seizure had stopped but he was crying and not really responding to us.  The paramedics released us to go to the Urgent Care and after meeting the doctor there, he called another ambulance to take us the big Children’s Hospital downtown to make sure that there wasn’t something more serious going on.  Sitting in the back of an ambulance with sirens and lights flashing holding your baby’s hand is one of the worst experiences a mother can have.  We were given the sweetest group of nurses and doctors at Children’s and they assured us that “Febrile Seizures” are common and after examining him, they educated us on what to do if this should ever happen again.  Please no.

I’m still feeling a little shock from the whole thing and finally started to crash yesterday.  After a few days of being on high alert, watching every move that he’s made, moving his crib into our room afraid to let him nap, my body started to give in.  We came home yesterday and I suddenly felt so weak, everything started to ache and I cried and cried as the emotion of it all hit me.  Josh was so sweet and made me a bath and tea and rubbed my feet later as we watched a Hallmark movie and I fell asleep on the couch.

I wish I was stronger than that.

All I’ve thought about the last few days is how grateful I am that this happened when it did.  You have to realize that Josh has been traveling almost non-stop for the last three months, he just “happened” to be home, he was only a few minutes away at work and was home in a flash.  It was also during nap time, not the middle of the night when our response might have been slower, I caught it almost immediately and somehow knew the correct steps to take.  God was truly so good to us and I’ve been trying to find peace in that instead of jumping to the “what-ifs”.  There were many little mercies along the way, we had barely checked into our hospital room when the door burst open and there were our sweet friends with hot coffee in hand and encouraging words.  My mom, feeling so helpless 500 miles away, had called them, they didn’t hesitate, just drove straight over and were such a comfort to us.

If you think of us this week, please pray for our little family.  I Can Only Imagine hits theaters this Thursday/Friday and it will be eventful for all of us.  I can’t believe that we’re about to see the results of years of hard work and we’re hoping and praying that the audiences love this story as much as we do.  If you’re so inclined, you can buy tickets here.

I’m planning to be back this week with more posts and some happier content.  Have a blessed and restful Sunday!

Thoughts | You’re a mean one, Mr. Daylight Savings

sergey-zolkin-39622Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

About a week ago I started to see some buzz about daylight savings time.  Funny memes and snide comments were being passed around my favorite mommy blogs and fb groups.  I gave it zeros of attention because, for the past 29 years of my life, “fall back” is one of my favorite days of the year!  A whole extra hour of sleep!!!


They were not wrong with the jokes.

Heaven help us.

Turns out, having a 10 month old (who, by the way, is not sleeping great ANYWAY) is not the best strategy for enjoying this yearly tradition.  It’s Thursday and we’re still out of whack.  Yesterday, Hugo got up at 5:30am, like wide awake “Hi Mom! Mom! Mom!”, then he was grouchy and ready for a nap at 8am, then skipped his afternoon nap, by 8pm I texted Josh that I was going to bed.  This morning he got up to eat around 5:30am again, thankfully he fell back asleep.

Me?  Well, I’m here typing this blog post.

Babies are the best!

We’re in a funky little season of life right now.  Sleep regression has gone on for about 10+ weeks.  I’ve tried adding in baby food, cutting out my caffeine in the afternoons, earlier bedtime, dream feeds, etc.  He has just decided that he must nurse every 3 hours around the clock (someone please tell me I get extra calories burned for my efforts???).  We’ve also done a fair amount of traveling as a family, and the flights and unfamiliar places have not helped with our sleeping routines.

Yes, I am still exclusively breastfeeding at 10 months.  It’s a little unconventional, and I think that most are concerned that that isn’t enough to satisfy a growing kiddo or gross (seriously?!?).  We have been feeding him some baby food, but it’s hard on his little tummy and his teeth haven’t come in yet, I feel strongly that the right thing for us is that he continue to nurse.  It’s different for each mother and baby, but at the same time it is definitely a myth that ALL older babies must stop nursing because they need the additional calories from food. Breastmilk has the ability to constantly adapt to the nutritional needs of each specific child.  That goes for amount as well, as he began nursing every 3 instead of 4 hours, it took about a week for my supply to catch up and we were back in sync. Breastfeeding has been one of the hardest/most rewarding things I’ve done.  There are times I look back and I can’t believe that I’ve solely sustained this little guy for the last 19+ months (including pregnancy).  My birth felt like a giant failure in a lot of ways and breastfeeding has some how been a bit redeeming for me, having to push through the pain and inconvenience at times and still see that he is thriving and healthy.  I’m grateful.

And for the record, I share because I care about healthy mama’s and babies, not to shame other moms or because I think there’s only one way to feed/raise a child.  Every mom has a different experience with pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.   I think us moms are really hard on ourselves (I know I am).  FED IS BEST.    When it comes anything related to motherhood and childrearing, I think you do what you can and pray for wisdom and grace to cover the rest.  I’m slowly learning that.

My little critter just woke up and I’ve need to go wash this masque off of my face.

Hoping your thursday is a great one.  I’m off to run errands and perhaps find a little “pain au chocolat” to brighten this rainy day!

Travel | Our little visit to 30A!


There is a silver lining to having a husband who travels for work, sometimes he has to work weekends and sometimes the location is the beach and SOMETIMES you get to tag along!


We spent a long weekend in Seacrest Beach, which is along Florida’s highway 30A and sandwiched between the most perfect Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach.  These beautiful little beach towns are wonderfully walkable and you feel as if you stepped into a movie.




Seaside, Florida was just a few miles away and we spent an afternoon walking through the shops and little side streets.


This is the beautiful Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach.  We rented a little studio for this trip but we’d love to stay here next time!  They supposedly have a rooftop bar that is to die for (not necessarily baby-friendly.)


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Cleaning & Transitioning My Closet | Fall/Winter 2017

There are a few things that I’m very passionate about, most of them related to cooking and home organization.  At the top of those categories would be CLEAN AND ORGANIZED CLOSETS!!  I love walking into my closet seeing everything hung properly on matching hangers and knowing that each item fits, is clean and ready to wear.

I’ve been on this closet kick for about the last 10 years and try to coordinate my purges with the seasons.  This last year and a half really messed with my system though.  I mean, one cross-country move, pregnancy, another temporary cross-country move, postpartum followed by more weight loss.  Listen sister, your closet would be a disaster too!

Case in point!  (this is such an embarrassing before picture…)

I waited until the weather started to transition here in Birmingham and finally this week tackled this much-needed project.  It took me a few solid hours of work but by the end of the day it was sparkling and I was feeling very pleased with myself.


Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years:

  • Start by taking everything out of your closet/drawers and doing a deep clean.  You’re already in there, might as well do it right!  Vacuum, dust, etc.
  • Now start sorting!  I like to have a several Rubbermaid totes and label them “Give Away” “Sell on Poshmark” “Summer Clothes”.  I also grab a trash bag for ratty items and a laundry basket in case I come across something that needs to be washed.
  • This time I added a new tote with sizes that are “too big for me currently/maternity”.  I wore the same size for years and have some great designer pieces that I couldn’t part with, so I folded and put them away in case I need them at a later date.  On a horrifying note: I used to be so hard on my mom for having so many different sizes/ ill-fitting clothes in her closet, until I had a baby, then I realized that your body can fluctuate very much very fast.  It all made sense.  So yeah, I called her and apologized for being mean and we had a good laugh.
  • Try things on as you go along.  And don’t be afraid to get rid of stuff.  If you don’t really like it or never wear it, just sell it or give it away, you’ll be happy you did!
  • Get matching hangers!  Seriously.  If you can afford the pretty wooden ones or the skinny velvet hangers, do it!  I just buy the cheap-o black ones from Target.  It’ll add a uniform look to your closet.  And besides, I hate those annoying wire ones from the dry cleaners…
  • Take a break at some point, I like to step away when I’m about 75% done.  Get a coffee or diet coke and clear your head before coming back, it’ll help you push through the final bit.
  • All of this applies to dresser drawers as well, we just happen to have a walk in closet that we’re able maximize with no issues and I love being able to see everything at a glance.


Here’s the after!  All ready for Fall/Winter!  This is my entire wardrobe.  The fabric totes on the top shelf have workout gear/clutches/undies/pajamas.  Scarves are in the pink box under the Hunter boots and my coats are hung on Josh’s side of the closet.  The faux movie poster was a “paper” anniversary gift from Josh, he is so creative and it makes me laugh every day!

I have lofty goals of someday doing a 10-Item Wardrobe (I love Jennifer at The Daily Connoisseur, we should truly be friends in real life…)  but it scares me a little, so in the mean time I just keep narrowing it down, upgrading my most-worn items to better quality brands and working on being content.

My husband’s got it though!  His co-workers love to tease him about his “uniform”, but here’s the thing, I’ve never met someone who moves as fast as Josh Walsh!  He found a look that works for him and sticks with it.  Levi’s 515 jeans that I buy over and over from Nordstrom Rack, gingham button-downs (his favorite brand is Vineyard Vines, they run great sales several times a year and I usually buy them as gifts for him) and then Sperry’s or wingtips depending on his workload that day.  He has a few more dressier items, but the film business is pretty casual so he likes to say he’s found a happy medium in his uniform.

Send me any or all of your organizing questions, I’d love to help!  And please send me your tips on organizing baby clothes, that one has me stumped right now!

P.s.  I’m sorry for the terrible photos, our closet has no natural light and everything looks so harsh.

Five Things | 9/21/17

I should just go ahead and call this “grocery store edition”.  Haha!  But isn’t that the point?  To share fun, easy to find, things that make life a little brighter?  I think so.


ONE  |  Pecksniff’s Rose & Peony Linen Spray

Doing laundry is something that I’m not so great at it.  My mom loves laundry, I hate it.  Although I’m pretty domestic, and always did my own at home, keeping up with the wash was a learning curve after I got married.  I’ve learned a few tricks along the way, and one of my favorite things is this linen spray from Home Goods.  I use it to fluff my sheets and pillows before I make the bed every morning, to de-wrinkle a blouse (spritz and pop in the dryer for a few minutes) and I use it when ironing.  I bought the Rose & Peony today, but usually just buy what smells yummy to me.

47905998TWO  |  Dr. Teal’s Soothe & Sleep Oil

I’m a huge fan of the Dr. Teal’s epsom bath and body wash and spotted this in Target yesterday.  It’s a great lavender scent and my skin feels so good right now.  Last night I put the little monkey to bed early and took a super long shower and had time to massage this in, do a face mask and apply a coat of sunless tanner.


THREE  |  Pimento Cheese

Seriously though!  This has become one of our Costco shopping staples.  I love this Pimento Cheese spread!  I’ve started keeping it on hand because we use it on everything!  Okay, not everything, but its great for a last-minute cheese platter, a late night snack and an easy lunch with toasted gluten-free bread.  It’s even made with Wisconsin cheddar, so there’s that.

FOUR  | Roasted Broccoli

I couldn’t find an appetizing broccoli picture, and didn’t have time or daylight enough to shoot my own.  Sorry!  I was texting my sister-in-law the “recipe” last night and realized I had broccoli in my fridge too.  Toss broccoli with olive oil and seasonings (salt & pepper, garlic salt, lemon pepper, whatever you like), roast at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes (until toasty), remove from oven and zest one lemon over the top, then squeeze the lemon juice over the top and sprinkle with shaved parmesan cheese.  Return to oven for another 5 minutes until cheese is melted.  It’s the best darn broccoli you’ll ever eat!


FIVE  | Merona Tee Shirt

This shirt is on sale at your local Targets for $2.40.  Nice neckline, the hem dips in the back and pretty colors too.  You’re welcome!

That’s all I have today, have a lovely Thursday evening.